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Vincent Guignebert

In May 2011, I purchased a tapestry signed Guignebert at the Green Flea Market on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  Since then, I have been very intrigued by this historical event on the 1930s & 40s where modern artists converted an industry locked into 18th century romantic images.  With the help of French government after the WWII, the various weaving companies of Aubusson, France, exploded with production of modern tapestries by the infamous and unknown.  Today, Aubusson has less weavers and the name "Aubusson" has been propagated as an generic name for tapestries made anywhere in the old 18th century romantic style.
Please contact me if you wish to contribute to the investigation of this original pixilated artform and its adaption to modern language.   The website is only interested in works made for tapestries, not reproductions of famous paintings.  Send an email to aubusson@glennweiss.com

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Catalogues or Checklists on these Exhibitions

1946,    "French Tapestry from the Middle Ages to the Present Day" at the Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris

1948?    Modern Aubusson tapestries exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York and written about by William Lieberman in the Bulletin of the Metropolitan.  

1950,   Aubusson tapestries exhibited at the French Embassy in the New York and then traveled the USA in a variety of venues including J.L. Hudson Company store in Detroit.  

1959,    “Contemporary French Tapestries,” Museum of Contemporary Arts, New York

1962,    Lausanne First International Biennial of Tapestry by the International Center of Ancient and Modern Tapestry in Lausanne, Switzerland

1963,    30 Aubusson tapestries, Philadelphia Art Alliance in April

1978,    Aubusson tapestries, Palm Springs Desert Museum, California.  (Current name Palm Springs Art Museum)

2006,    “Tapestries: The Great 20th-Century Modernist”, traveling exhibition in the USA curated by Dirk Holger


Other Information

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jellinek - “a French couple” that organized or sponsored the 1950 traveling exhibition in the USA.

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