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An Index to Essays on Aesthetic Grounds Blog
by Glenn Weiss


Acconci, Vito

Aitken, Doug

Javier Abarca

Bedia, Jose

Bermundez, Cundo

Bouzide, P.& C.

Bufano, Benjamin

Catalano, Eduardo

Corajoud, Michel

Cordero, Raul

Duany, Andres

Enochs, Dale

Glavovic-Nothard, Margi

Gormley, Anthony

Eschelman, Janet

Finn, Marvin

Flack, Audrey

Heap of Birds, Edgar

Henry, Sean

Holzer, Jenny

Hood, Walter

Innocent, Troy

Hans Kupelwieser

Lacy, Suzanne

Lapidus, Morris

Matta-Clark, Gordon

Moeller, Christian

Moore, Gary

Murch, Anna Valentina

Pelli, Cesar

Project for Public Spaces

Regnard, Claire

Roberts, Luke

Rubin, Ben

Scurti, Franck

Serra, Richard

Steinbrener & Dempf

Taho, Ritsuko

WeiWei, Ai

Wilson, Richard

Zakanitch, Robert Rahway


Arts District - the New Nature

Barras on Vernacular

Bienal del Fin del Mundo

Cell Phone Art

Competition: Landmarks Wales

Cool Globes '07

Couples: Sculpture in North Sea

DELETE! Signless Streetscape

Documenta 12, Munster & Venice

Electronics & Symbols

Event Horizon Men over London '07

Flock of Finns: Public Folk Art

Florida Art Festivals

Flower of Buenos Aires

Foster Homestead Memorial

Jinhua Architecture Park

Jo'Burg First Public Art

Landscape Architecture Mag

Miami Carnival Center '07

Millennium Springs, Florida

Modernism as Vernacular

Mojo Robot Light

New Urbanism Ends

Pink Squares

Plagiarism & Verncular

Signs as Public Art

Sleepwalkers Video Projections on MOMA

Subtropical Streetscape

Switch on London

Turning the Place Over

TV News & Public Art

Urban Inventions

Video and Public Art

Volunteer Public Art

Volunteer Public Art Websites

Water Mirror

Young Circle Arts Park



Brisbane, Australia

Bourdeaux, France

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Charleston, SC, USA

Chicago, USA

Florida, USA

Hamburg, Germany

Hollywood, Florida II

Hollywood, Florida I

Jinhua, China

Johannesburg, S. Africa

Indianapolis, USA

Kassel, Germany

Liverpool, UK

London, UK

London, UK 2

Louisville, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Madrid, Spain

Miami Beach, USA

Miami, USA

Miami's Lincoln Road, USA

Melbourne, Australia

Munster, Germany

Newbiggin, UK

New York, USA

San Francisco, USA

San Jose, USA


Ushuaia, Argentina

Vienna, Austria

Wales, UK

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